7th Transnational ENEX Project meeting in Düsseldorf

by Daria Siverina (comments: 0)

The seventh ENEX TPM took place in Düsseldorf from August 30th to August 31st 2017. Host was the International Agency for Marketing and Technology transfer GmbH (INTAMT). The aim of the project is the elaboration of an e-learning course for professionals, which provides specific know-how on the economic use of nanotechnological research results. The ENEX project consists of four outputs:

- ENEX Competence Profile

- ENEX Curriculum

- ENEX e-learning course

- Guidelines for validating and verifying the course

The TPM was organized in addition to the original planning and was approved by the National Agency to discuss future dissemination activities and the further development of the project after completion of funding. Within the framework of the TPM, the results of the pilot trainings, the various dissemination events as well as the final implementation of the online course, which will be offered permanently and free of charge, available from 1st 2017, were also discussed.

Present during the 7th TPMs were representatives of MESA +, IFAC and INTAMT. The consortium has agreed to push forward the further professionalization of the ENEX course from November 2017 onwards. Against this background, further meetings and discussions have been agreed on which take account of the commitment to the ENEX project.

The ENEX course has received several awards from the German National Agency in Germany and is one of the most highly rated projects currently being funded.

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