The ENEX Competence Profile

The Expert in Nanotechnology Exploitation (ENEX) is the 'interface' between laboratories and researchers developing nanotechnologies and the industry and health sector using them. He/she is either employed at strategic level (e.g. project manager, innovation manager, business development manager) in companies specializing in or using nanotechnology, or is working as an innovation or technology transfer professional in the R&D or service sector (e.g. consultancies, intermediary organizations).

Due to the interdisciplinary nature of nanotechnology and its wide range of applications, the ENEX must have a sound knowledge and understanding of the underlying NT principles, material properties and processing techniques, necessary

  • to draft innovative solutions based on NT to industrial product development by choosing the "right" combination of materials and process techniques to solve a specific technical problem, and
  • to steer academic research in the field of NT to realistic targets that are application-oriented and market-led.

Particularly concerning the latter, it is clear that the ENEX, apart from technical knowledge, must have further competences to assess and manage the research to market process. He/she should know about the critical phases and bottlenecks of the product innovation process and how to deal with them to take the right decisions at strategic level ('do the right things') as well as operational level ('do things right').  

To get a deeper insight into company needs with regard to nanotechnology and innovation management, the ENEX consortium is carrying out online COMPANY SURVEYS in the respective partner languages as well as personal interviews with stakeholders along the entire NT value chain. The responses of the questionnaires and the outcome of the interviews will be used to define the ENEX Competence Profile.